Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marche's Food Guide

A Rough Price Guide On Marche’s Food

Mushroom soup - Rm6.90++

Sauted mushroom – from RM8.00++

Grilled food from RM25.90++ onwards,
per serving depending which type and part you choose

Side dishes (‘lain kira’)

Pasta - RM13.50++ (small)

Pizza – from RM18.xx ++ per pizza

Rosti (Potato pancake) - RM7.50++

Crepes – RM14.50++

Salad - from RM3.50++ (smallest)

Also available - stir fry organic vegetable of your choice, from RM6.90 onwards

The Juice Bar

Beer is from RM13.50++ per bottle (small)

Also available wine, price ???

Also Available:

Variety of cakes, desserts and ice-creams

This is the ‘Passport’ you’ll receive upon entry.

It will be stamped each time you order your food. When you leave you will be charged according to your purchases. Hold on to it because the charge for losing your passport is RM200.
Note: Menu prices stated are just a rough guide and are subject to changes.